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Redeeming the Time - Part 3

FORGIVING SAINTS      Matthew 18:21-35             Download this Bible Study


** In our study last time we learned that it is imperative for us to be the "Fertile Soil" which receives the seed of the gospel and bears fruit to the glory of the Father. How did you do with your list of God's fruit in your life?

Galatians 5:22-23 are all attributes of my life. By God's grace I have been privileged to learn, apply and share the Word of God with others and to then enjoy watching their growth in Christ.

** We also learned the three errors made by the world which leads them into a lifestyle of wasting their
time here on earth. Do you recall those three errors?

1) Hardening their hearts against God!
2) Making personal comfort their god
3) Maintaining a worldly lifestyle, loving money


** As we press on in our study of "Redeeming the Time", we are going to be learning the types of things that hinder us in our efforts and how to avoid them. For today, in Part 3 we will hear our Lord teach us on the subject of forgiveness. Without a doubt one of the most challenging areas for us as human beings, as Christians we should excel in obeying the Lord in this area of our lives so that we will become known as "Forgiving Saints".

Please join me in Matthew 18, verses 21-35 as we see Jesus teach Peter and the disciples on this very sensitive issue.

Read passage (V.21-25) (V.26-30) (V.31-35)

Opening Prayer

Forgiving Saints


V.21 ** What preceded Peter's coming to Jesus and asking his question on forgiveness?

The disciples had asked the Lord about a subject they were very preoccupied with, "Who then is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven"? (V.1)
cf. Mark 9:30-34, Luke 22:17-24.

Jesus answers their question by describing the childlikeness of the believer. Matthew 18:3-20

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