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Trusting During the Storm - Part 1

THE ABSENCE OF TRUST      Matthew 8:23-27             Download this Bible Study


** One of the principles we have stressed at our Tuesday night Bible Study is that we should always be "Thinking Biblically" as we encounter the events of our life each day. In any given week, our prayer life can be busy with many requests that came out of the very challenging events which have occurred in the lives of our brothers and sisters in Christ.


** If we are always "Thinking Biblically" we will find ourselves trusting the Lord no matter what happens! In June of 1995 the Lord gave Beverly and me a tremendous opportunity to trust Him. After one of our visits to Sedona, Beverly was hospitalized for a week because of a parasite that she acquired from the water in the Phoenix airport. The resulting trauma to her body gave us great cause to trust the Lord.

On Tuesday night of that week, at 1:00 am, I found it difficult to sleep so I spent some time talking to the Lord about our next area of study. That is when the Lord impressed on my heart to study a marvelous truth proclaimed throughout the Scriptures, "Trusting During the Storm".

Over the next 4 weeks we will learn together from this four part series as it will show us:

THE ABSENCE OF TRUST - Matthew 8:23-27
HALF-HEARTED TRUST - Matthew 14:22-33
THE PROMISES OF GOD - Selected Scriptures

For today, please join me in Matthew's gospel. In chapter eight, verses 23-27, we will meet the "O ye of little faith" group (KJV) that most often displayed "The Absence of Trust".

Read Passage (V.23-25) (V.26-27)

Opening Prayer

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