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Trusting During the Storm - Part 2

HALF-HEARTED TRUST      Matthew 14:22-33             Download this Bible Study


** In our last study we began to learn the importance of trusting the Lord during the storms of our life. Do you recall the similarities that our storms have with the one that the disciples had to endure in Matthew, chapter eight?

It was very real!
It came out of nowhere and very suddenly.
It covered their boats or seemed overwhelming.
It seemed to be life threatening.
It caused them to mis-trust the Lord.

** What was the one thing that the disciples had going for them, the one thing that proves to be the most notable characteristic of a true believer?

They "followed Him".
We too, should always follow the lifestyle and instruction of our Lord Jesus.


** Today we are going to see "Half-hearted Trust" as we watch yet another storm in the life of the disciples. Our challenge is going to be to learn the secret of continued obedience, while avoiding the temptation to give up. Please join me again in Matthew's gospel, this time chapter 14, verses 22-33.

Read passage (V. 22-25) (V. 26-29) (V. 30-33)

Opening Prayer

Half-hearted Trust


** In our passage we are going to see five demonstrations, or proofs, of the deity of Jesus Christ. That is why the disciples proclaim in verse 33, "You are certainly God's Son".

We shall see His divine; 1) Authority 2) Knowledge 3) Protection 4) Love and 5) Power.

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