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Trusting During the Storm - Part 3

TRUSTING WITH ALL MY HEART      Acts 27:18-25             Download this Bible Study


** In part two of "Trusting During the Storm", we learned five divine attributes of our Lord Jesus Christ, do you recall what those were?

His divine; 1) Authority 2) Knowledge 3) Protection 4) Love and 5) Power.

** What was the secret of continued obedience in the area of trust, even when the storm is raging?

We can always trust Him because of who He is, not because of who we are!

** And what practice were we to stop, in order to avoid the temptation to give up?

The practice of doubting! Instead, we are to ask the Lord for wisdom during the storm.
Remember - James 1:5


** In this third study on "Trusting During the Storm", we are going to see our ultimate resource in this life! What is it that we as Christians today should be listening to? From where should we gain the basis for our hope and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ?

For the answer, please join me in Acts 27:18-25.
Let's see how the apostle Paul endured his storms.

Read passage (V.18-21) (V.22-25)

Opening prayer

Trusting with all my Heart


** While we are studying just eight verses today, it is important to have some background understanding to the events that lead up to this storm. Please join me in Acts, chapter 22 and we will take a jet tour of the six chapters which develop for us the scenario that Paul finds himself in at this point in time.

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