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The Grace of Godliness - Part 4

THE HUMILITY OF GRACE       1Peter 5:6-11             Download this Bible Study


** From last week's study, what is at stake when we let the Lord down by disobeying His Word?

His glory is at stake. People don't think less of us when we sin, they think less of Him because we have called ourselves Christians.

** Hopefully we have all taken a close look at our own lives to determine if something needs to be added to or removed from our life, in an effort to follow Jesus Christ (with a heart of praise to His glory) into a lifestyle of ever increasing godliness!

May the Lord be pleased as we apply what we have learned from His word each week!


** As we noted last time, this series continues to build upon itself and this morning in Part 4 of "The Grace of Godliness" we are going to see how all that we have learned should increase the godliness in our everyday lifestyle.

** What was Paul's "Confession of Grace"?

"By the grace of God I am what I am"! (1Corinthians 15:10)

** What was the "Gift of Grace"?

"...the gift of righteousness..." (Romans 5:17)

** Who is to receive "The Glory of Grace"?

"...to the praise of the glory of His grace..." (Ephesians 1:6)

** What is to be our response to all that our Lord has done for us? The answer comes from "The Humility of Grace" that we find in Peter's first epistle, chapter five, verses 6-11, would you please join me there.

Read passage (V. 6-8) (V. 9-11)

Opening Prayer

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