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The One Anothers of the New Testament - Part 4

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** How good it is to gather again in the name of Christ! You may recall that at the end of our last study we were challenged to do two specific things in the application of God's word.

They were to:

1. Choose the one another command from that study in which we have the greatest difficulty being consistently obedient.

2. Think of the one person that you find it most difficult to treat in that godly manner.

Our list of one anothers from last time sounded like this:

1. Regard one another as more important than ourselves, thus we are to anticipate others needs 2. Do not lie 3. Bear with [endure mistreatment without retaliation] 4. Teach and admonish 5. Abound in love 6. Comfort
7. Encourage 8. Build up 9. Live in peace

** Hopefully we are applying what we are learning to the day by day living out of our life with Christ.

It has been an encouragement to my own heart to remember number three in that list when applied to my interaction with the lost world around us, which is hostile to the truth of Christ..


** Do you really want to glorify the Lord with your life? What is the only environment the He has given us in which we can do this?

With other members of the human race. Believers and non-believers, family and friends, those that we hold as dear to us and complete strangers.

** Today the Lord, by His grace, will show us the key to glorifying Him as we live in this world. Here in Part 4 of The One Anothers of the New Testament, we are going to see that by being obedient to His Word, people around us will notice a tremendous difference.

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