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The One Anothers of the New Testament - Part 5

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** At the conclusion of our last study together we asked the following questions:

How can I tell if I am a truly humble person before the Lord? Do I act piously in public and then take off the mask in private? Does this list seem like a welcome friend or a menacing enemy and intruder to my already full agenda?

** Do you recall that list?

1. encourage (non-believers to accept the gospel)
2. stimulate one another to love and good deeds
3. do not slander
4. do not complain
5. confess you sins and pray for one another
6. pray for one another
7. love one another, fervently
8. be hospitable
9. serve (as good stewards)
10. clothe yourself with humility

** How did you respond to the Lord's instruction?


** Over the past four weeks, the Lord has graciously showed us how to live our life to His glory by fulfilling the one another commands found in the New Testament. But what is the driving force behind all that we have learned. What is it that fuels us day by day and will never fail us?

Please join me in 1John, chapter one.

Opening Prayer


The Apostle John wrote his gospel around 85 A.D. and in 95 A.D. he wrote the Revelation of Jesus Christ. In between those two, John penned his three epistles. From the city of Ephesus around 90 A.D., John instructs his readers on the black and white principles that guide Christian living.

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