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The Ultimate Priority - Worship . . . Part 3

WORSHIPPING THE FATHER      Matthew 6:9-15             Download this Bible Study


** So far in our series on worship, we have looked at "Unacceptable Worship" and last time, "Worship as a Way of Life". You may recall the three dimensions of our worship of the Lord Jesus Christ, they were:

1) The Outward Dimension - How we treat others.
2) The Inward Dimension - Our personal holiness.
3) The Upward Dimension - Our worship toward God is to be Continuous, Sacrificial, with the attitude of praise, and expressing words of thanksgiving, all to be done "through Him".
(Hebrews 13:15)

** Which one did you choose to focus on and how are you doing?

2) The Inward Dimension - My lifelong quest for personal holiness stands as a verification of my salvation and my desire to follow the Lord. It is therefore the one area that Satan will always be relentlessly attacking!


** Having learned these three dimensions of worship, today we embark upon the task of learning about the three objects of our worship. As the children of God it should be our desire to worship Him fully. We are going to begin with what the Bible has to say about "Worshipping the Father". Please open your Bibles to Matthew 6:9-15, as we have the privilege of listening together to what Jesus has to say about the worship that is to be directed toward our Heavenly Father.

Read Passage (V. 9-11) (V. 12-13) (V. 14-15)
[FOR CONTEXT - V. 5-8]

Opening Prayer

Worshipping the Father


The worship of our Heavenly Father is an inexhaustible topic in a lifetime of study, let alone in one day,
however we are going to try to glean from this one brief passage ten profound truths about the worship of our Heavenly Father. The idea of worshipping the Father floods all of Scripture.

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