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The Ultimate Priority - Worship . . . Part 4

WORSHIPPING THE SON     John 9:1-41             Download this Bible Study


** As Jesus taught us last week about "Worshipping the Father", He showed us ten truths inextricably woven into the worship of our Heavenly Father, they were: God's Purpose, Paternity, Priority, Program, Plan, Provision, Pardon, Protection, Preeminence and Postscript. Which of those ten truths were new to you, challenged you, or encouraged you the most in worshipping the Father each day?

For myself, I was particularly blessed by God's Paternity (because it provides the personal relationship that I have with Him), God's Pardon (because He is worshipped when I confess my sin) and finally God's Protection (because He won't ever lead me into temptation and will always deliver me from evil!).


** As we move on now in Part 4 of "The Ultimate Priority - Worship", we come to one of the most significant truths of Scripture. "Worshipping the Son" is not only a predominant theme throughout Scripture, but as we shall see, it will be the preoccupation of all of God's creation. Both the saved and unsaved, angels and demons, even the creation itself (Isaiah 55:12) will be caught up in the worship and praise of Jesus Christ. For a wonderful blessing, please join me in John's gospel, chapter 9, verses 1-41.

Opening Prayer

Worshipping the Son


As we approach this text, we will be dividing it into four sections. They will teach us:

1) Jesus is the Light - V. 1-12
2) Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath - V. 13-23
3) Jesus is from God - V. 24-34
4) Jesus is to be worshipped - V. 35-41

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