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Useful to the Master - Part 3

WIDESPREAD CHALLENGES      2Timothy 3:1-9             Download this Bible Study


** As we strive together to be more "Useful to the Master", what three attributes or characteristics should identify us as vessels of honor?

1) sanctified - "set apart from sin, unto God"
2) useful to the Master - "to the glory of God"
3) prepared for every good work - "eager to serve"

** Last week we learned five steps to becoming a vessel of honor, do you recall what they were?

1) flee youthful lusts - all self-serving sin
2) pursue righteousness - stay in the Word
3) pursue faith - be faithful to the Lord
4) pursue love - focus on the welfare of others
5) pursue peace - so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men!

** When we use "Wise Correction" as His honorable vessels, what does it look like?

It is gentle and humble as it proclaims the truth of God and prays for Him to grant repentance to the hearer, so that they may come to their senses.

The real wisdom in this form of correcting error, lies in the understanding that it is God alone who enlightens the heart. We must present the truth, all the while realizing that we are dependent on the Lord.


** The more that we are prepared for usefulness to God, the more we must realized how grave the battle is. Today, in part 3 of our series, we are going to see the "Widespread Challenges" to God's Word that are all around us. Open your Bibles to 2Timothy 3:1 and we will see just how intense the battle is.

Read Passage (V.1-5) (V.6-9)

Opening Prayer

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