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Useful to the Master - Part 1

WORLDLY CHATTER      2Timothy 2:14-19             Download this Bible Study


** Now that we have concluded the "RENEWING OUR MIND" series, the next step is in finding out how we can be useful to the Lord in the daily application of our new "Godly, Prepared, Loving, Peaceful" mindsets. From our last study we learned that what we think about is very important to how we act. What do you suppose is our greatest enemy, or to put it another way, where is the battle going on to try and prevent us from becoming "Useful to the Master"?

The philosophy of men and Satan's lie behind it, is constantly attacking the truth of God's word. The realm of our thought life, under constant assault from the doctrines of demons, is the battle field where are actions are formed, either to be useful for Christ or useless in the cause of advancing His kingdom. (cf. Colossians 2:8)


** As we embark upon this new series we are going to learn what it is that hinders us from being useful to the Lord and how can we be "equipped for every good work" as we strive to live for the glory of God. Our four part series will break down as follows:

WORLDLY CHATTER - 2Timothy 2:14-19
WISE CORRECTION - 2Timothy 2:20-26
WORSHIPFUL CONDUCT - 2Timothy 3:10-17

** For today, are Christians supposed to argue with false teacher's (or their followers) about the philosophies of men or doctrines which prove to be in opposition to the truth of God's word? What possible harm could come from entering such debates? For the answer, join me in Paul's second letter to Timothy, chapter 2 and verse 14. Let's learn together what he had to say to his son in the faith about a believer's conduct in the battle for Truth.

Read passage - (V.14-15) (V.16-19)

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