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Useful to the Master - Part 4

WORSHIPFUL CONDUCT      2Timothy 3:10-17             Download this Bible Study


** Last week in part three of "Useful to the Master", we saw the one characteristic of mankind during the last days which would present the "Widespread Challenges" to the truth of God's word.

It was the fact that "men will be lovers of self".

** We discussed the benefits and personal cost to being prepared to be a wise corrector of error. Have you experienced the joy of being prepared and the sense of being "Useful to the Master" that accompanies it?

If not, we need to become more dedicated to that preparation process and less devoted to the trivial matters of life.

** As a backdrop for today's study, I would like you to consider the following question.

How do you spend your time? The answer can be encouraging or frightening, if we will be honest about what holds our attention.


** Today in part four of "Useful to the Master", we will conclude this series and hope to learn the seven components of "Worshipful Conduct" that will provide the stamp of integrity needed so that the Truth we share can be distinguished from the heresy of false teachers. Please open your bibles to 2Timothy 3:10.

Read passage (V.10-13) (V.14-17)

Opening Prayer

Worshipful Conduct


V.10 ** Obviously, this passage begins with a contrast, but who is it that Paul is contrasting with whom?

He had just been talking about those who "oppose the truth" (V.8) or false teachers who's "folly will be obvious to all"(V.9). He is now about to draw a contrast between them and his own reputation as a man of God.

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