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Useful to the Master - Part 2

WISE CORRECTION      2Timothy 2:20-26              Download this Bible Study

STIMULATE - Please open your Bibles to 2Timothy, chapter two.

** Last time we learned that by engaging in "Worldly Chatter" (which Paul defined as arguing doctrine with apostates and false teachers or their followers), we were inadvertently giving them a platform for their Satanic lies. What were the two forms of harm that could come from this kind of worldly chatter?

"...it will lead to further ungodliness..." (V.16)
"...it will upset the faith of some..." (V.18)


** Today, as we move on to part two of "Useful to the Master", we want to further understand how to deal with the heresy put forth by the doctrines of demons. What are we supposed to do? How can I become a vessel for honor, sanctified, useful to the Master, and prepared for every good work? Our passage will show us five steps to becoming an honorable vessel and then give us the answer to how we are to respond to false teachers and teaching. Let's look at our passage together 2Timothy 2:20-26, as we learn the God honoring skill of "Wise Correction".

Read passage (V.20-22) (V.23-26)

Opening Prayer

Wise Correction


V.20 ** You will remember from last week that the context of this passage is discussing the church, the body of Christ, which Paul had described in verse 19 as "the firm foundation of God" (1Timothy 3:15). How does he now metaphorically refer to the church?

By calling us a "large house", representing the household of God. cf. 1Peter 2:5

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