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Teaching with a dialogue method produces the highest level of involvement for all concerned. The format for each study has been designed to gain the student's attention, redirect their hearts toward the things of God, instruct them from His Word, evaluate what has been taught and then to apply it to their lives. These studies were intended to be experienced at a pace of one per week, giving the Holy Spirit time to help us assimilate the rich truths of God's Word into our daily walk.

The paragraphs beginning with a double asterisk (**) indicate the question to be considered by those in our study group, while the indented paragraph which immediately follows is the answer to which we would direct the student. What I have listed below is a simple example of one of the study formats, with a brief explanation of what is to be accomplished in each portion of the study. Whether you are doing a personal devotion, sharing with another Christian or possibly teaching a room full of believers, I hope that this short example will help you to further understand the premise from which these studies have all been written.

Each study takes the student through a seven-step process which is filled with discovery, conviction and growth as their hearts and minds are transformed by the power of the Word of God (Romans 12:2). The seven steps are as follows:


In this opening portion of our studies together, the intent is to redirect the focus of our minds away from the preoccupation of the day. Typically a question is asked which will stimulate our thinking and prepare us for what is contained in the passage we are about to study. While little time is spent in this section, it is important to allow our hearts and minds to make the shift from what might have been a very busy day to the importance of grasping the message of God's Word.


Once we have their attention, the challenge before us is to motivate the student to hunger for the answers that the current Bible study will provide. This is accomplished at times by presenting a brief outline of where future studies are going to take us, or more simply, by asking poignant questions which are going to be answered in the text before us.


This section represents "the meat" of our study time together. The actual teaching of God's Word. As you prepare to teach any portion of Scripture, ask yourself these five questions:
Who?, Whom?, Why?, When? and What?

Who said it? To Whom was it said? Why was it said? When was it said? and finally, What was said? This process will keep you true to the text and provide you with a stronger hermeneutic.

Then: Ask the group, or individual you are instructing, questions that can be answered directly from the text (this is to get them more involved in the process). Also ask them questions which will stretch their knowledge of the Word; i.e. "Does anyone know of a passage that supports this truth?"

The studies contained on this website have been written following this pattern and will supply you with some questions to ask, as you endeavor to teach with the dialogue method.


Here is where we draw out the main principles which were contained within the text. By reviewing what has just been learned, the student gains a confidence in their knowledge of the Word.


At this point we want to stop and itemize the specific points of application we have learned, either from the explicit instruction of the writer or the implicit instruction which comes from the Godly example set by the lives of those recorded in Scripture.


We now must ask the student and teacher alike to examine their own heart in light of God's precious truth. "Staying in the Word" is only profitable when we allow the Holy Spirit to examine our hearts with the Word of God (Psalm 139:23-24 and Hebrews 4:12).


Commitment, Commitment, Commitment. This is when we call our student(s) and ourselves to change our lives; through genuine obedience to the Word of God, for the glory of Jesus Christ.

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